October 12, 2010

FleetWeek 2010: Adventures with Scribd

FleetWeek San Francisco 2010, Adventures With Scribd


Jessica ValenzuelaI’ve been wanting to use Scribd to share more anecdotal experiences. Today, I did just that. Check it out and let me know what you think. You can download my FleetWeek 2010 San Francisco Adventures With Scribd. It is free (unlike many of the presentations on Scribd).

The story is accompanied with beautiful photography from San Francisco/Bay Area photographer Erin Loscocco and startup founders you probably know.

Let me know what you think! Jessica Valenzuela is a tech-media strategist who works with global brands and startups throughout their product lifecycle in the areas of design, development and communications (marketing, PR and social media). See her business profile, contact Jessica or leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “FleetWeek 2010: Adventures with Scribd

  1. Well written, nice little blog (as usual). Hey Jessica, other than some of the graphics, what do you think separates Scribd from say WordPress for blogs?

  2. Hi Jason B,

    I think Scribd has a variety of uses. One basic scenario is it is handy when publishing lengthy documents such as an essay, short story, white paper, etc. A blog post in this case is a distribution channel. I would not post an essay in a blog post as it is too lengthy and as you noted you can't be as creative with graphics, page layouts and font formatting. With Scribd you are able to catalog your content in your “shelf.” It is like having a virtual library and an opportunity to have a virtual book club. :D

    Am going to write a follow up post on user scenarios and metrics. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting! Feel free to ask a question anytime.

    ~ jessica