3 thoughts on “Turn social into your own personal media empire

  1. Chris, as a journalist (one of many hats I wear) and as the guy who coined the term the personal media revolution back in 2003-04, I like the way you’ve framed this. While I spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, etc., I’m always aware that I’m representing my personal brand and looking at my blogs Socialmedia.biz and Socialbrite.org as ground zero of where I’ll be trying to exercise thought leadership, in my own little way. (If you’re in the business of entertainment and amusement, you should probably stick to traditional media.)
    Starting in 2005, I started to change my language about this, because the personal media (in the form of blog posts, video, podcasts, etc.) we were creating really took on a new dimension when we put it out there and other folks started sharing it, jumping into the conversation and taking it in wonderful, unexpected new directions. That’s what the social media revolution has done. It’s that interplay of personal and social that makes the magic.

    • jdlasica Thanks, JD. I agree; however, with regards your comment, “If you’re in the business of entertainment and amusement, you should probably stick to traditional media,” I daresay you’re mistaken, though I can see where you’re coming from. Didn’t Gossip Blogs such as Perez and Entertainment Sites like Buzzfeed start off as social media platforms? Even Slashdot wasn’t trad media, back in the day. Reddit isn’t, nor are most of the most agile, “first post” scoop sites, either.  Not until TMZ was there real competition, and even TMZ started off as an AOL property that was web-only and very bloggish before is became a TV show, etc.  So, as you can see, if you’re in the business of entertainment and amusement writing, then maybe the mainstream’s the way to go; however, if you’re interested in the business and of seriously building a platform for entertainment and amusement, the blog (or whatever it’s called now — but it’s really just a blog) is still the correct platform. And, if you don’t have a pedigree, your blog is really your only choice for making a name popular enough to end up earning one of those hallowed traditional media spots.  What do you think?

      • chrisabraham jdlasica You’re right, Chris. There’s plenty of frivolousness to go around in both media. Personally, I detest Perez and TMZ, however you want to categorize them. Part of the shallow celebrity culture that distracts us like kittens pawing at that shimmering silvery object.