October 26, 2014

One dashboard to rule them all


Collect all of your disparate web apps, services, feeds & APIs into one place

Target audience: marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

oktopostChris AbrahamOne of the great white whales for social media marketing is cracking the B2B code. Social media automation is another Moby Dick. Bringing it all together in a simple-to-use dashboard that takes all the data your marketing, advertising, selling, development, and engagements and brings it together simply and easily might be the most elusive of them all.  

I am exploring a couple of new and exciting services that have landed in a pretty mature and competitive space but are competing handily because they’re doing things a little different and a little better — and sometimes quite a lot.

Two of the most interesting are Cyfe and Oktopost. Here’s a look.


cyfe logoEven though most of us don’t have big data, per se, we have big-for-us data. Apparently, you can take all the data that you’re already generating and pass it through the Cyfe dashboard and out comes things like performance, conversions, the status of projects and campaigns — all through integrating all of the sundry web apps you’re already using here and there, including structured data that you can add as custom widgets, you can actually be rewarded with what we’ve all been wanting since Minority Report’s crazy-cool gestural dashboard.

Cyfe social dashboard

Explore your company, your business, your fans and followers, or your industry from 30,000 feet or really up close. You can explore how your ecommerce website is converting, who’s visiting your website, what people are saying about you online, the current state of your revenue goals and progress, who’s selling well enough to deserve some closer coffee, tracking the uptime and load of your servers, and even keeping tabs on your projects’ progress. There are a load of pre-built widgets you can bring in by default:




oktopost logoBack in July I had the opportunity to meet Valerie Levin over at Oktopost. What HootSuite is to B2C, Oktopost is to B2B. Oktopost helps you dig through the social media network you have already cobbled together and then really start cooking with gas.  It’s not about converting normal people into become customers so much as it is about converting prospects into clients. In addition, Oktopost helps you stay on top of your social media even when you’re not 100% committed to spending a lot of time conducting a social media marketing campaign.  Not only will Oktopost suggests posts for you based on your vertical, business, topic, or industry, they also have sophisticated social media marketing automation tools as well, including editorial calendaring.


Then, in the end, Oktopost helps you track your hard work, allowing you to not only see who, what, when, where, and why people are talking about you, your business, your industry, or even your competitors, you can even see where your potential clients, prospects, and even customers of your competitors actually are via geolocation. Powerful stuff. Oktopost even syncs with CRM and automation tools like Salesforce, Google, Gotowebinar, Marketo, Acton, Bitly, and Feedly. From soup to nuts.Chris Abraham is a partner in Socialmedia.biz. Contact Chris via email, follow him on Twitter and Google Plus or leave a comment below.

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