March 20, 2013

When a crisis hits, how graceful is your response?

by Chris Abraham

Think a media crisis is going to be your undoing? Chris Abraham talks about mea culpa marketing and why authenticity is key to bringing things back together. Continue reading

August 29, 2012

Remove those regrettable online reputation tattoos

by Chris Abraham

The way you feel now about all those photos of you at the beach, in your suit, body-proud, tanned and drinking — liberation and joy — may end up making you feel completely different in your near future — trapped and ashamed. No matter how young you may be, reading these words, you need to start thinking long-game when it … Continue reading

June 28, 2012

Your social media plan needs to shut up and start listening

by Chris Abraham

I know you. You’re spending all of your social media marketing budget on promoting your brand, products, and services; that’s fine except you’ve either forgotten — or never knew — that social media is a two-way street. It is. And, something you also didn’t know: social media is two-thirds defense and monitoring — listening — and only one-third promotion and … Continue reading