December 10, 2012

Let your customers in on your secret sauce

People will buy your stuff if they buy into you, so use transparency to your advantage

Target audience: Businesses, brands, marketing professionals, SEO specialists, agencies, general public.

Chris AbrahamFolks care more about how you made something than what you made. Well, not really. If what you made isn’t good, they won’t be interested in you at all. However, if you have a modicum of success, then folks will want to know as much about your culture, gear, tools, vision, operating principals, habits, and process as possible.

So, if you’re in business, you need to learn to make your organization as attractive as possible.

Let people know about your business’s personality, your narrative, why you matter, who you are in the community and your backstory

How, you ask? Well, the best way is to let them in on your process — your magic — and what makes your products and services special. And by special, I don’t mean the best price, the best quality, or the best service — though those are always top-winners — but also your personality, your unique narrative, the story of your existence, why you matter, what you’ve gone through, who you are in the community, or who you used to be.

I tell clients they need to give till it hurts when it comes to blogger outreach and online engagement. You need to offer the gift people want and not the gift you’re ready to give. You need to do the same thing when it comes to developing a cult of personality online. Continue reading