June 30, 2003

Back early from I-Law

So I’m back from the Internet Law conference at Stanford Law School already. It’s a worthy lineup and an endlessly fascinating subject being addressed over the course of five days. I had originally planned on spending two full days in Palo Alto, but personal business and a looming deadline on my book project both intervened. I finally met the lovely and personable Donna Wentworth (Copyfight) in person. Chatted with Katie Dean of Wired News. Interviewed Jonathan Zittrain of the Berkman Center. Then popped up to San Francisco for a lunch interview with the EFF’s Fred von Lohmann, who participates on an I-Day panel Wednesday.

When I turned on my Apple Powerbook this morning I expected to immediately access a wireless connection at the conference. Didn’t happen, and the other bloggers there had to have someone set up their connection. Too bad.

This week (and especially Wednesday) I’ll be checking in with the bloggers in the audience: Donna, Frank Field (whom I wish I spotted), teen whiz kid Aaron Swartz and multimedia auteur Lisa Rein. Frank, Donna and Aaron are already well into the thick of things.