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Spark's business, Spark Media Solutions, is a B2B content marketing agency for the tech industry
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Microsoft, LinkedIn, IBM, HP, Dell, Indycar, Sprint, eBay, Oracle

David Spark is a veteran tech journalist and founder of Spark Media Solutions. He’s been the creative director, producer, voice, and face of many content marketing campaigns for a number of Fortune 1000 B2B tech companies.

Since 1996, Spark and his articles have appeared in more than 40 media outlets including eWEEK, Wired News, PCWorld, ABC Radio, John C. Dvorak’s “Cranky Geeks,” KQED’s “This Week in Northern California,” and TechTV (formerly ZDTV). Spark is also the author of the book, “Three Feet from Seven Figures: One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows.”

In addition to traditional media, Spark spent ten years working in advertising at various agencies, the last being Publicis Dialog where he launched the company’s new media division. Spark also squandered more than a dozen years working as a touring stand up comedian, a San Francisco tour guide, and comedy writer for The Second City in Chicago.

Today, Spark blogs regularly on the Spark Minute and is a regular contributor for Forbes. You can listen to his weekly tech and media podcast Tear Down Show and subscribe to his YouTube series Content Marketing Tips.

Spark is a noted speaker, entertainer, and moderator at tech and marketing events. He also offers training for moderating

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