December 30, 2008

‘Photography not allowed’ from public sidewalk

by JD Lasica

I’m at a loss for words for the trampling of our constitutional rights in recent years. So I’ll repost a few paragraphs from an entry by Thomas Hawk earlier today: Long Beach Harbor Patrol Says Photography "Not Allowed" From Public Sidewalk. I just got back from shooting for a week in Los Angeles and have to say that the highlight … Continue reading

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November 26, 2008

Photo retouching for beginners

by JD Lasica

On Tuesday I listened to NPR’s segment on how regular folks are using Photoshop to alter photos and remove people from their personal picture albums. Fair enough, this is hobbyist photography, not photojournalism. Alas, the NPR blog about this offers no link to the actual audio segment or podcast. But it does offer links to these tips on how to … Continue reading

Category: Ethics, Photography
November 17, 2008

Photographers find unwitting success with social media

by JD Lasica

LA Times: Photographers find unwitting success with social media. Or, how pro-am and amateur photographers are attracting a following on Flickr and other photo-sharing sites (such as Richard Peters’ Spring lamb photo, above). My Flickr sets are here.

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