July 9, 2013

You must get over your fear of being annoying

Photo courtesy of albarber3 (Creative Commons)

In digital marketing, persistence is paramount

Chris AbrahamAccording to Jonathan Alter‘s new book, The Center Holds, it was Barack Obama’s young geek volunteers who crushed Mitt Romney‘s “Mad Men” campaign out of the 1960s in the 2012 election. And while much of their success had to do with their collective beautiful mind, it also had to do with something that Alter said as a matter of fact: They got “over the fear of being annoying.”

The whole quote from the below interview on the Colbert Show is, “You’ve got to get over your fear of being annoying” (minute 4:30):

So not only did the president’s merry band of geeks learn how best to microtarget and activate 2 million volunteers, they also learned how to push past their fear of rejection to ultimately realize the truth. Continue reading