July 28, 2016

10 best content marketing tools


Website Grader, Open Site Explorer & 8 more tools

Post by Kate Simpson

kate-simpson100Content marketers have access to hundreds of tools that can make their jobs more effective. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get carried away and start using more tools than necessary.

Instead of complicating your life by testing tools that don’t work, you can try some of the most efficient options out there. We’ll list 10 awesome content marketing tools that will definitely improve the way you work.


Website Grader

Website Grader: Assess your site’s SEO

1Website Grader: With this tool, you can review the effectiveness of the search engine optimization for individual pages of your site. The results show an overall score for the site, as well as individual scores for performance, mobile version, SEO, and security. The best part? You also get tips for improvement. Website Grader tells you what to do in order to improve the performance of your site. What more could you ask from a free online tool? Your entire content marketing campaign can take a whole new direction when you start using it, since it will inform you about the effectiveness of your headlines, page titles, and SEO strategies. Cost: free.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer: Check your backlinks

2Open Site Explorer by Moz: Creating backlinks is an important part of your content marketing strategy. Thus, you need a tool that checks their effectiveness. All you need to do is enter your url in the tool’s search bar, and you’ll be able to research backlinks, find potentially damaging links, and discover link-building opportunities. The tool will also show the page authority and domain authority. Nice. Moz is offering a free 30-day trial, and they’re coy about what it costs after that. Let’s figure it’s the $99/month standard plan, one of the chief investments we’re recommending here.



Hootsuite: Your social media dashboard

3Hootsuite: You don’t need to use several social media management tools for the sake of posting updates and monitor the activity of your target audience. Hootsuite is a free tool that allows you to post and review updates. You can use it to publish quick posts to all major networks, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Plus, you’ll get in-depth analytics on the performance of your social media posts. Add a second team member, and it costs $9.99 per month — still well worth it.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts: Keep up to speed

4Google Alerts: Everyone has set up a Google Alert at some point, right? When you maintain a content marketing campaign, you need to know how effective it is. Thanks to Google Alerts, you can see in what context the online community mentions your brand name. In addition, you can review the reputation of your competition by entering the appropriate keywords. Google Alerts is your first step toward competitive analysis. Cost: free.


BuzzSumo: Social influence tool

5BuzzSumo: This is a social influence measurement tool. What does that mean? Thanks to BuzzSumo, you can discover popular social media users, so you’ll reach out to them. If you manage to get their support for your content marketing campaign, they will help you boost the awareness for the brand you promote. You can achieve that by asking them to write guest blog posts for you, try out your products or services and write reviews for them, or simply hire them as promoters of your brand. Cost: Check out the free trial, followed by a $99/month program for a small team.

Similar Web

Similar Web: Competitive intelligence tool

6Similar Web: The only way to maintain a successful content marketing campaign is by attracting your audience with something that beats the competition’s offer. With Similar Web, you can review the website traffic statistics of your competitors. You’ll understand how their marketing techniques work, so you’ll be able to think of something cooler. Cost: Similar Web is pricey, starting at $199/month, so add this to your campaign as your budget allows.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool: Google keyword suggestions

7Keyword Tool: This awesome tool gives you over 750 Google keyword suggestions, free of charge. In addition to Google keywords, it can also give you words and phrases that are popular on Bing, YouTube, App Store, and Amazon. When you find out what your target audience is looking for, you’ll easily create content they will find through the search engines. Cost: free.


AssignmentMasters: Creating quality content

8AssignmentMasters: You may put the best tools to use when it comes to promoting your content, managing social media and building backlinks, but the foundation for success is its quality. You absolutely need high-quality content to promote a brand, product or service in the best way possible. With UK-based AssignmentMasters, you can get that part covered thanks to the professional writers from the team. The company enables you to order several types of content, as well as editing services, which will improve the quality of the pieces you promote. Cost varies. And note: There are a lot of similar services out there.


Ubersuggest: Niche search tool

9Ubersuggest: This is a very useful tool that helps you understand people’s use of the search engine’s autocomplete feature in different countries. It’s also useful because it gives you keywords that are not provided by the Google Keyword Planner (which you should definitely use, too). Cost: free.


Feedly: Trend discovery tool

10Feedly: This is another tool that helps you find out what the competition offers to your target audience. You’ll get a daily dose of the most popular posts on the web related to the topics you follow. In addition to competition monitoring, Feedly is an awesome tool for discovering the latest trends in your area. When you notice a new trend, you can be among the first content marketers to cover it. Cost: free, with option for Feedly Pro for $5/month.

Remember: You don’t need too many online tools for a successful content marketing campaign, but you do need the right ones. Do you use any other tools as part of your practices? Share your experience!

Kate Simpson is a professional writer and a senior content creator for various projects and also manages an editing team.
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