April 17, 2012

The importance of mobile optimized landing pages

Deltina HayYou finally have your mobile ad ready in the new Google AdWords for Mobile and have high hopes for reaching the unsaturated mobile audience. But have you thought your campaign all the way through? Once you reach this mobile demographic, where will you send them? Hopefully, you plan to send them to a page that is optimized for the mobile Web.

You already know the best practices of successful landing pages (if not, here is a link to landing page resources that can help).

  • Landing pages should be relevant to to the ad that sent the user there.
  • Landing pages should get to the point quickly.
  • Landing pages should make the call to action very clear and accessible.
  • Landing pages should be short and avoid scrolling where possible.
  • Landing pages should require very little from the user.

In addition to the elements that make a good landing page in general, there are other considerations that should be taken into account when creating a mobile-optimized landing page:

  • Mobile landing pages should be compliant and mobile ready.
  • Mobile landing pages should never force the user to scroll horizontally or vertically – you have even less time for conversion.
  • Every page in the conversion process should be mobile ready – make certain any call-to-action links also lead to mobile-optimized pages.

At top is a video that goes into more detail on what makes a good mobile-optimized landing page, as well as a demonstration of how to create one using the free service Google Sites.

This article is based on an excerpt from The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web by Deltina Hay.Deltina Hay, a partner in Socialmedia.biz, is an author and educator who develops online curricula on social media and other Internet marketing topics. She also helps businesses prepare their content for semantic search and big data analysis. Contact her, follow her on Twitter and Google Plus, or leave a comment below.

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One thought on “The importance of mobile optimized landing pages

  1. For brick and mortar businesses wanting a mobile-optimized landing page, we've built a hosted solution that takes only minutes to configure: http://www.qrb.ca

    When loaded on a smartphone, these pages provide essential contact information and use the phone's location-services (GPS) to display precise directions to a specified address.

    Each site comes with a URL for use in mobile ad campaigns and a QR code for use in print advertising. The most exciting feature for businesses is the location-aware statistics. Our landing pages track the exact location of where they were viewed.